Our HEMPZ Products

Our HEMPZ Products

HEMPZ Body Scrubs

Condition and gently exfoliate skin, leaving it soft and radiant, with our sugar scrub.

HEMPZ Aromabody

Our natural lotion moisturizes with pure hemp seed oil, softens skin, and helps calm inflammation.

HEMPZ Age-Degying Moisturizer

Moisturize deeply, helping skin appear toned, while calming redness with the caffeine in our ultra-hydrating lotion.

HEMPZ CBD Moisturizer

Calm skin with our best-selling lotion with 300 MG of CBD and relaxing lavender oil.

HEMPZ Products

If you're looking for any specific HEMPZ product, please let us know - we probably carry it, and if not, we can get it and keep it in stock for you!

We offer online booking, making it easy to reserve your spot, especially during this uncertain period.

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